jessy WHAT ARE WE aboutus

We provide bsuiness solution that rectify the deficiency of the missing needs in a society where our solutions include technology evaluation, strategic planning and the synthesis of complex business information. Businesses today develop strategies that are action-oriented to expand the international and domestic markets. Businesses need to identify and manage new property,identify opportunities for growth and leverage technology to serve the customers. Companies restructure their operations and implement changes within their management and operation structures in order to provide business solutions efficiently. Through these efforts, businesses grow their revenues through marketing, strategic reorganizations and partnerships.

White Rabbit Consulting designs productivity solutions that provide practical access to actionable information. We design and deliver solution, electronic component design for the business solution, sales tools, process management solutions, manufacturing services, software development services as well as business consulting services. We see the chance to work with you and your company as an opportunity to enter into a trusted business partnership, one in which we create integrated ways for you to do business. Through collaboration, we can improve your productivity, eliminate wasted time and effort, and increase your sales and your revenues. White Rabbit Consulting believes in a Global + Local (=Glocal) workforce and infrastructure. This Glocal model allows our clients in India and the Nepal to build and implement localized solutions. Our Project Management Office (PMO) has delivery experience in over 25 countries, and in multiple languages. Using our localized solutions and same time zone support centers, our client can rapidly leverage the systems and get timely support during their business hours.